Things to Expect in an Intuitive Healing Session

Intuitive healing work is a beautiful thing because it’s so personal to both the practitioner and the client. No two sessions are ever the same, and every healer has their own style. Here are some examples of things you might experience during your intuitive healing session.

Get Grounded and Connect with Your Body

It’s so easy to get lost in the hustle of our daily life that we forget to connect with our physical and emotional selves. Your body can really tell you so much about what’s going on in your inner world, so during your intuitive healing session, you will be encouraged to tap into the sensations that your body is sending you. It might be some tension in your chest or discomfort in your belly. It could also be a lightness or a pleasant feeling. Whatever it is, that sensation has a message for you, and you’ll probably be exploring it during your session.

Meditate and Ask for Inner Guidance

Your practitioner may guide you through meditation and/or visualization. This is another way to help you reconnect with your soul and inner essence. During this time, you can ask your higher self for guidance on whatever questions or topics that you’re needing help with.

How Reiki and the Energy Center System Work

If your intuitive healer is also a Reiki practitioner, you may receive Reiki healing energy during your session as well if this is requested as an add-on session. Depending on your needs and the recommendations of the practitioner, you might go through an entire Reiki session, or you may just receive Reiki on specific focused areas. All discomfort and disease can be associated with a specific energy center (also called chakra) in the body, so your practitioner may focus on one or more of these areas during your time together or have you visualize different colors or symbols in different areas of your body.

Guided Breathwork Session

You may be guided through a breathwork practice as well. Breathwork is a very powerful modality that can help you move through blocked energy and experience almost immediate relief. Your practitioner will teach you the various breathing techniques and patterns and encourage you to keep going even if things start to feel a bit uncomfortable. What’s on the other side of that brief discomfort can be life-changing. Breathwork as part of your intuitive healing session offers benefits for the physical body as well as the emotional and spiritual self.

Support and Space for Processing

A combination of one or two of the above-mentioned modalities can be spread out throughout the sessions along with whatever intuitive messages your practitioner receives can be part of your healing session. In most cases, a lot of emotions arise and you will end up having a lot to process and integrate. The energy from the session won’t just turn off like a faucet once your time is up, and your practitioner will offer you support to make sure that everything integrates into your system in a healthy way. They will also follow up with you a day or two after your session to make sure that everything is going well and to see if you need any further support.

How to Book an Intuitive Healing Session

You can fill out the contact form here on my website, or contact me directly to book an intuitive healing session. Take some time to look at my Reiki and Breathwork services as well, as I may incorporate just a few minutes of some of them during my work depending on the needs of my client. However, if you would like the full effects of Reiki and Breathwork, I would recommend a full session.  I look forward to helping you to connect to yourself at a deeper level and empower your own healing abilities to help transform the quality of  your life.