Your Guide to Energy Healing

Get to Know Carmen

I am deeply passionate about serving as a guide in your healing journey, assisting you in discovering your true self. I can help you release any deep-rooted pains, limiting beliefs, stress, anxiety, or stagnant energy that may be getting in your way to living at your fullest potential. 

Breathwork, Biofield Therapy, and Intuitive Healing have ignited a deep self-awareness within me, fueling my passion to share these transformative practices with others. The beauty of it all is that everything you need for true transformation is already within you, when you are OPEN.

Being OPEN means embracing a new perspective, OPEN to change, allowing yourself to be vulnerable, letting go of what no longer serves you, and embracing love with an OPEN heart and soul. When you truly OPEN yourself, you create the fertile ground for growth and healing to flourish.

I would be honored to walk alongside you, providing tools, insights, and a safe space for exploration, release, and transformation. I invite you to be OPEN to the infinite potential within you, and embark on a journey of profound healing and self-discovery.

My professional training includes:


Completed the Breathwork Course at the Omega Institute in New York taught by renowned healer David Elliot

Holy Fire® Reiki

Went through the Holy Fire® Reiki Practitioner Certification from The International Center for Reiki

Intuitive Medical Healing

Completed the Medical Intuitive Certification taught by renowned Medical Intuitive and Author Tina Zion

ALLOW rather than strive

BE rather than do

LET GO rather than control

LISTEN rather than talk

INQUIRE rather than answer

UNKNOWN rather than known

- Carmen Martinez