Breathwork, biofield therapy & Intuitive Healing

Open your mind, heart and soul

Discover how energy healing can help you restore balance in your life and help you live a fuller, happier and peaceful life.

Healing Through Energy & the Breath

Our minds are constantly spinning, but what if it was possible to let go of that stress, sadness, anxiety, and fear? Breathwork Therapy, Biofield Therapy, and Intuitive Healing help you disconnect from the rational mind, release the energy blocks that are causing discomfort, and heal on a deeper level.

Balance Your Energy Centers

Recalibrate the energy flow within your body for more harmony in your life.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Activate your parasympathetic nervous system to help lower blood pressure.

Increase Feelings of Calm

Regulate the flow of breath to help balance the mind and body.

Promote Self Healing

Open your energy channels and feel better.

Improve Sleep

Reduce symptoms of insomnia and higher quality rest.

Pain Management

Utilize your own internal healing resources to assist in reducing pain naturally.

What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is a practice that acknowledges the importance of energy as a vital, dynamic force that can affect our physical and emotional health. Our bodies consist of molecules that vibrate at different frequencies. If something in the body is misaligned and radiates a low vibrational frequency, it can manifest as physical ailments like pain, sickness and disease.

The aim of energy healing is to shift the frequencies of the body’s energetic fields, channels and centers to improve health and speed up healing. There are a variety of holistic healing modalities such as Reiki Energy Healing, Light Therapy, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Thai Massage, Tapping and Breathwork. These therapies use gentle techniques intended to help balance a person’s energy and further the healing of the body, mind and soul.

What Clients Have to Say

Expand Your Consciousness

Biofield Therapies: Promising Preclinical Studies

Researchers have found that biofield therapies can have a positive impact on cancer patients, including improvements in subjective outcomes such as pain and anxiety, as well as immunological outcomes. Although some clinical studies have not found support for biofield therapies when examined as the primary endpoint, there is general support for their effectiveness in improving quality of life outcomes.

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